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Thursday, September 5, 2013

First day with no hubby

{My big and little nerds}

Today started at 4AM.  I vaguely remember Steve kissing me goodbye and then fell back asleep.  I was hammered.

8AM I hear kids watching television and playing the wii.  Usually a no-no, but I had other things on my mind.


I hurried and got ready before Gage could notice me and give me a whimper.  As I headed sneakily out the back door, I froze.  It was raining.  Yuck.  So much for my run.

I'm a wimp when it comes to unusual running scenarios.  All thanks to when I twisted my ankle twice after playing volleyball.  It was bad and involved physical therapy and huge, sore cankles.

So I tend to avoid anything that may recreate those moments.

Well, I tried to exercise.

I'm hoping this isn't a foreshadowing of things to come.  With Steve gone, I am determined to get my pre-baby body back.  Say that three times!

And I have no will power when it comes to food, so I figure the running better handle it all.

Today is a holiday from school.  Even though they just started two days ago.  Crazy, I know.  I've become too happy (already) with my new freedom.

Gage finally agreed to a nap at 1PM.  He spent the morning playing, separately, with every toy in the playroom.  When I asked him if he would help me clean up, he replied "No!" in his high-pitched little voice.  Loving how he picked up this new phrase.  Love even more when he was singing E-I-E-I-O from Old Macdonald.
{Gage looking for Steve at the roller rink}

At 2PM Gavin finally decided to change out of PJ's.  Neighbor noises swayed him (finally) into getting ready and practicing the piano.  I even got the procrastinator to clean up a bit.

Grace was thrilled to have a 5 hour playdate with her friend Aidia.  Hoping that they don't destroy the freshly remodeled home that she lives in since her babysitter is watching those two.  Sorry to Aidia's mom in advance.

Aliza was bored.  All her friends had playdates with other friends.  I think the move has been hard on her.  But she doesn't tell me much.  When she couldn't find anything for lunch but told me she was hungry, I listed off a billion options.  Finally a pizza on bread was chosen, with sour cream and onion dip/chips.  Afterwards we played clue and she won in about two seconds.  Drat.  But I mentioned the neighbors out riding bikes, so she took off to join them.

I'm already thinking of what to do with 4 kids for dinner with no husband.  Right now the front-runners are Costco or smoothies in my new Blendtec.

Yep.  Real fancy.

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