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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School

As school started this week, I'm happy to announce that all of the kids' fears were allieviated.

GAVIN'S FEAR:  Having homework.  So far, none!  Yay for both of us!  I DID explain to him that the younger you are, the easier and less homework is.  Not sure if this helped him though.  We'll see in the coming weeks.

GRACE'S FEAR:  The dreaded "bad teacher".  Everyone said how her teacher yelled and was mean.  Grace came home on day #1 cheering that her teacher was "AWESOME!"  I think it's going good so far.

ALIZA'S FEAR:  Yucky middle school lunches.  Not that this should even matter, since I make her lunch every day anyhow.  But she's always the one worried about what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  So her first day of school reports were that the lunches are "AMAZING" and then she went on to describe them in detail.  Think hot pizza and salad bars.  This girls' dream.

Gage and I are happy with our sparkly clean home and all day to do whatever we want.  Yesterday it was lying in the grass reading books and playing in the dirt.  Can't wait for Fall!

{The crew backpacked up}


Vanessa Vogel said...
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Vanessa Vogel said...

I love the last picture. The kids are sooo cute and I love how Gage is all ready for school!

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