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Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's not the first time...

Friday I got a surprise phone call. Not one from my best friend or a family member, but from Gavin's teacher Mrs. Brydges. She has NEVER called before, so I was nervously curious as to the nature of her call.

"Gavin was in the principal's office," she said, "for hitting a boy in the Kindergarten line." What?? This is not the kid that I would've expected a phone call about! She went on to tell me that an AM kindergartener said Gavin punched him and so he hit him back, his landing them both in with the principal :(  She also didn't think it was malicious or intentional (ok?) but that she would let us handle the punishment.

Well, having travelled a similar road before, I immediately let his teacher know that we would be writing an apology note to both the boy and the principal, to which she laughed and said that the other boy was planning on doing the same.

When Steve came home that evening, I quietly told him what I had heard and we then proceeded to talk privately with Gavin. Can I just say that this was the hardest conversation ever?? And it was because Gavin has the hardest time remembering! We asked handfuls of questions and either got "I don't know's" or one word answers. Arg! After a half hour of probing, I think we pried the whole story out of him (although I'm still not relly sure!).

Apology note was then drafted and child was put to bed.  It would be delivered the next day at school.

Fast forward:  Gavin and this little boy decided that they would become the best of friends.  I mean, they only live around the corner from each other!  A fact that we only just discovered.

Sounds like a plan.

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