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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things to come.

Today I woke up to the sounds of kids downstairs.  No crying.  I liked it.

I could hear Gage climbing up the stairs.  Actually, I'm pretty adept at telling each kid apart thanks to a house filled with 100 year old wood floors.  Gage's upstairs crawl has it's own special thump.  One that makes me smile.

He's laboring upstairs to see me.  To snuggle in my big, California King-sized bed.

As he slammed the door open and came running to my side, I leaned over and gave him a gigantic smile.  Boy did I love this kid.  His arms reached for me and I happily lifted him up and layed him next to me.

But I wasn't his focus.

The spot next to me was.  And it was empty.  With his pout and questionable arms raised, I knew what he was asking.  Where's daddy?

Daddy is away for work.  He'll be back for a few days, but then gone for much longer.  Until we buy a house to be exact.

But how to explain this to my Gage?

Maybe I'll make daddy do it.  I don't think I can take another pout.

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Ronda said...

aww! I can totally see that happening and his pudgy cute face with a pout. that's super sad! I hope things go along smoothly here!

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