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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Let Me Forget

Gage 18mo:  Running with your arms behind you, rubbing the little ties on your blanket to your nose, talking (this, that, ball, wa wa, boo, mom, dad, aliza, truck, car, yuck, yes, bird, batman), waving a sword around and saying "Hi ya!", loving to walk around in the snow (especially in the middle of the street), snuggling dad, ripping off the wallpaper and blinds, helpful cleaning (emptying clean dishes out of the dishwasher), unhelpful cleaning (taking dirty dishes OUT of the dishwasher, throwing non-garbage in the trashcan), SHY, driving and crashing cars, flying airplanes, squatting for long periods of time, lover of basketballs and shooting them in your hoop, wheels (cars, bikes, toys), tipping your head during the prayer.  LOVE YOU.


Vanessa Vogel said...

this face is something else!! i just want to squeeze him! so cute!! and please tell me what he does while he's squatting for long periods of time?

Who is Pin Dot? said...

Plays! Cars, trains, books, you name it.

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