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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My funny kiddos

Grace's prayer (2/13): 
Help us while we're young to prepare to become old.  And to serve a mission!

Gavin (2/13): 
Mom, where do crocodiles live?
In places in the south like Louisiana or Alabama.  Places that are swampy and have rivers.
Mom, can we live in Barak-abama?
Mom, what does a crocodile look like?
Mom, do they eat whales?
Mom, do they have spikes?
Mom, what's an alligator?
Mom, can we go see them??

Gavin (2/13):
It's sad that mom's have to take care of kids, and not themselves!

Gavin (2/25):
Mom, it's scary when a dog jumps up on you. He might get hurt.

Grace (3/4):
Well, I decided that I would style my hair like a baby one last time.

Gavin (3/16):
I'm going to have 100 kids.  And I'm going to give them $100 and buy them toys.
Wow!  You're going to have to have a really good job to take care of that many kids.  What do you want to do when you grow up?
I'm going to steal it!


Vanessa Vogel said...

haha so funny. one day you'll be glad you have this all written down. love that grace is thinking mission!!

Who is Pin Dot? said...

Yep. Train em young :) I'm trying to be better with remember these kinds of moments.

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